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Association News


All the members of IAVA are shocked to know about sad demise of respected Dr. RS Katiyar, Ex Professor & head, Mathura Veterinary College, May his soul rest in peace

Congratulate Dr. TS Chandrasekhara Rao, President IAVA for being appointed as Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science, SVVU, Tirupati for second consecutive term of five years

IAVA Congratulate Dr. RS Dalvi for being appointed as Dean, College of Veterinary Science, Nagpur 

IAVA congratulates Dr. SP Ingole for being appointed as Dean, College of Veterinary Science & AH, Bilaspur, CGKVV (Chhatisgarh)

IAVA Congratulates Dr. RV Prasad, Dean Veterinary College, Shiomoga for being appointed as acting Vice-chancellor of Karnataka Veterinary Science University



Welcome to IAVA

The Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists has been formed to serve as a common platform for Veterinary Anatomists in the country and abroad for regular exchange of information/research and up gradation of Veterinary Anatomy in the country. The association is actively involved in maintaining high and uniform standard of Veterinary Anatomy at proper position in teaching; research and extension programme across the country by its recommendation on various matters concerning veterinary anatomy and promote the cause of progress and betterment of veterinary anatomy and veterinary anatomists in India and world. The Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists is one of the smallest scientific societies in India, having about 430 members at this juncture. The members of IAVA have developed among themselves deep respect, faith and confidence in each other. To consolidate these bones of friendship, this web site of Veterinary Anatomists in India (IAVA) will prove to be a boon. Through this official website, IAVA has initiated various programme to popularize Veterinary Anatomy in India and abroad. The information related to society, its activities, members, anatomical resources etc. are provided on this website and will be updated regularly. We welcome constructive criticism and any sort of suggestion to improve our beloved organization.